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High dynamic range optical measurement in range as wide as 1011
Ultra wide range luminometer

Ultra wide range luminometer

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This is a cell insertion type ultra wide range weak luminescence measurement system, capable of measuring light intensity as wide as about 11 order of magnitude by ND filter switching mechanism with 3 order of magnitude attenuation rate and photon counter.
It is compatible with spectrophotometer cells as standard, and can be custom-made for dedicated cells, petri dishes, etc.


  • 1. High dynamic range optical measurement in range as wide as 1011
  • A combination of low noise photon counter and ND filters to attenuate the signal makes it possible to achieve a measurement as wide as 1011.

    Measurement result of ATP concentration and light intensity (cps)

  • 2. Applicable to cell based spectral photometer
  • Customized cell and round shape petri dish are available on request.

  • 3. Weak light emission measurement is realized by connecting to PC and USB cable
  • The weak light measurement is easily achieved by direct connection to PC through USB interface.


・Biophoton emission measurement
・Chemiluminescence measurement
・Carryover measurement

Application examples:Carryover measurement in nozzles

Using an enzyme based chemiluminescence solution, the cleaning in the nozzle is verified.
- Using low to high concentration sample, measure the amount of light emission in the sample and create calibration curve.
- High concentration sample suction →Cleaning→Non-concentration sample suction →measure the residual of high concentration sample emains in non-concentration sample.

Measurement result of ATP concentration and light intensity ( cps )


Optical module Photoncounter
Selection of filters Manual wheel type
Functional optical filters Option on request
Interface USB2.0(cable included)
Power supply Supply by PC via USB
Dimension(mm) / Weight W(155)×H(175)×D(270) / Approximate 3.8kg
Standard cell Path length 10mm、Width 10mm
Cell size 12.5mm×12.5mm×45mm
Cell capacity 3.5mmL

Software included

Measurement example ( H-axis: time, V-axis: count )

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