Create new business with photonics technology

Propose and Provide High Value Solution
with Optical and Mechatronic Technology

Optomechatronix offers broad supports from material development to bio-imaging by providing equipments to measure the various optical properties.
There are various products covering a wide range from the gamma ray to infrared. In addition, we have an ability to offer the equipment that utilize our module.
Optomechatronix can provide wide range of solution from the experimental equipment to the system design.

Outline of the company

Company name
Representative director
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7F Hamamatsu Act Tower, 111-2 Itaya-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka-pref.
430-7707 Japan
TEL:053-401-2070 FAX:053-401-2071
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JPY 2,600,000
Foundation of the company
February 5 2009
Business details
Sales, development, and manufacturing of optical products
Consulting service including development using optical technology

Partnership and Collaboration

 Optical devices

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.…Optical sensors
Shimazdu ,Inc.…Grating design and production
Omni Spectral Consulting LLC…Optial device


Disc Inspection Technology Co.,Ltd.…Software
ASTERONE Co.,Ltd…Software
NST Inc.…System design and production

 Electronics, mechanics & manufacturing

Ace tec,Inc…PC board design and manufacturing
Haisotech Corp.…Electronic circuits mounting , harness processing

 Medial / Foods

DA Tec