Create new business with photonics technology

Using the knowledge and technology we have cultivated, we also assist in the development and manufacturing of products that meet customer requests.
We also introduce analysis and measurement examples for each application.

  • There is an object you want to measure or a component you want to analyze
  • I want to perform non-destructive and non-invasive testing
  • I don't know how to analyze the obtained measurement data or create a calibration model
  • I would like you to develop and manufacture a prototype/experimental machine for principle verification
  • Please feel free to contact us.


     Development / Production outsourcing

    Mechanical design and facilitation

    Various mechanical design, fabrication.

    Electronics circuit design and fabrication

    Digital or analog, PCB design and fabrication.


    Design firmware for PIC, AVR, ARM microcontrollers.

    Windows software

    Control, data acquisition.

    Application system, design of prototyping, tabification

    Optical device

     Optical design

    Design of detectors and light sources

    Optical detector, light souce
    Optimized design of Laser, LED, light sources
    Power supply design, electronics design

    Optical system design

    Optimized design of weak light and high speed optical detection
    Radiation, UV, visible, IR detection technology
    Standardization of optics

     Business development by photonics technology

    From design of optical devices, development of applied system to business development

    Proposals for business development and production efficiency improvement in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, agriculture, industry, fisheries, environment, and analysis through the application of photonics technology
    Optical simulation by Optalix for optical design, lens design, etc.

    Near-infrared spectral analysis

    Correlation analysis between different materials and creation of calibration curves by deriving regression equations, etc.

    Business development at USA, EU and ASIA

    Proposals for overseas business development and sales development using photonics technology