Create new business with photonics technology

We also help develop and manufacture products according to customer requests by making use of the technology we have cultivated.
We will also introduce analysis and measurement examples by application.
・Measurement the object or component
・Non-destructive inspection
・System Development
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 Development / Production outsourcing

Mechanical design and facilitation

Various mechanical design, fabrication.

Electronics circuit design and fabrication

Digital or analog, PCB design and fabrication.


Design firmware for PIC, AVR, ARM microcontrollers.

Windows software

Control, data acquisition.

Application system, design of prototyping, tabification

Optical device

 Optical design

Design of detectors and light sources

Optical detector, light souce
Optimized design of Laser, LED, light sources
Power supply design, electronics design

Optical system design

Optimized design of weak light and high speed optical detection
Radiation, UV, visible, IR detection technology
Standardization of optics

 Business development by photonics technology

From design of optical devices, development of applied system to business development

Proposals for business development and production efficiency improvement in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, agriculture, industry, fisheries, environment, and analysis through the application of photonics technology
Optical simulation by Optalix for optical design, lens design, etc.

Near-infrared spectral analysis

Correlation analysis between different materials and creation of calibration curves by deriving regression equations, etc.

Business development at USA, EU and ASIA

Proposals for overseas business development and sales development using photonics technology

Application examples

  • Component analysis of agricultural products and fishes
    Component analysis of products by light

    Near-infrared light can measure the component of foods and various materials non-destructively. Thanks to the compact and lightweight sensor built in, it is applicable to the outdoor measurement.

    • Examples
    • Fruit sugar content measurement
    • Oil/Fat component analysis of fish meat etc
  • For bio-medical applications
    Medical Diagnostic Applications

    Design of mechatronics for living organisms, reagent introduction, incubation, and BF separation.
    Weak chemiluminescence based on immune reaction can be measured by photon counter and its diagnostic results are output.

  • Materials and Structural Analysis
    Analysis of components of products by light

    The spectroscopic measurement by either reflected or transmitted near-infrared light enables component and structural analysis.
    Depend on the purpose, it is possible to select modules according to the wavelength range and resolution required.

    • Examples
    • Component analysis of plastic
    • Quality degradation of resin material
    • Agricultural Products Inspection
    • Medical Healthcare Equipment