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This analytical light source module is to search the near infrared light absorption with the diffuse reflection method by irradiating the near infrared radiation(NIR) to the object

Light Source module for NIR spectroscopy

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By irradiating near infrared radiation to the object, the optical fiber transfers the diffuse reflectance and output it from the SMA optical connector.Thus we can measure the interactance mode*.
We can analyse the component non-destructively by inputting the optical output to the spectrometer.

*Interactance mode is a method to detect the diffuse reflectance emitted within the test piece which is contact to the light source and detector.


  • 1. Easy measurement with two light sources and fibers optimally arranged
  • 2. Effective for objects with low reflectance due to the high output lamp
  • 3. The optical output can be changed according to the measurement object
  • 4. Achieves long life and high stability by air-cooling the light source
  • 5. Small size with tap holes for easy fixing to optical system
  • Optical fiber


    Lighiting lamp


    spectroscopy module

    Use by connecting fiber to the spectrometer


・Analysis of oil component of meat/fish
・Measurement the moisture

・Analysis of plastic/resin material component


Device perfomance

Item Contents
Optical fiber Quartz glass multi mode fiber
( Core diameter 0.91mm/ Clad diameter 1mm )
Optical connector SMA 905 optical connector
Max light source output intensity 1W(Measured by calorimeter)
Variable current range 0.45A~1.0AMax
Peak wavelength 1.1μm(Reference value)
Light Source 2 near infrared lamps ( power consumption 10W )
Estimated life of light source 10,000 hours / 0.9A 
1,000 hours / 1A at max
Warm-up time 3 minutes
Power supply AC100V、50/60Hz
Electricity consumption MAX 11W
Dimension(mm)/ Weight 51(W)×53(H)×92(D)/ 500g WT

Usage environment

Item Contents
Oparating temperature / humidity 10-40℃, Under 85% ( No condensation )
Storage temperature 0~60℃


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