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Non-destructive quantitative and qualitative analysis of food, agricultural products, and synthetic resin

Near Infrared compact component analyzer
M020/M022 Reflection mode
M021/M023 Transmission mode

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This is a compact analyzer integrated with near infrared light source that can measure the spectrum by reflection transmission mode.
An analysis of absorbance spectrum can carry out quantitave/qualitative analysis by software included.


  • 1. Built-in Hight power light source enables highly sensitive measurement in near infrared region
  • By simply placing the sample to be measured at the light receiving end and performing the measurement, the near-infrared absorption spectrum of the object can be easily acquired.

    Reflection mode

    Transmission mode

  • 2. Optimized arrangement of lamp and sensor
  • Two detection modes either reflection or transmission mode is available depending on sample morphology.
    It is suitable for measuring in any forms of liquid, solid, paste, and fibrous.

    Reflection mode: powder, solid, liquid, living tissue, liquid*、film**:ransmitted reflection method used)
    Transmission mode:liquid, gas, transparent solid

  • 3. Ability to select compact module depend on required wavelength range
  • It is possible to select 2 type of spectroscopic modules either FTIR or FPI method depend on the wavelength range.

    FTIR:FTIR(Fourier Transform Infrared) type is a compact and yet wide range near infrared spectrometer with a built-in Mickelson interferometer.
    FPI:FPI(Fabry Perot Interferometer) is cost affordable narrow range near infrared spectrometer dedicated to based on MEMS technology.


Quantification of fish meat' Lipids

Industrial materials
(Plastic discrimination, water quality testing, analysis of solar cell materials, etc.)

Component analysis of soil

  • Other
    ・Type of plastic and quality degradation
  • ・Monitoring fermentation process of alcohol
  • ・Quantification of principal component of wheat, soy and rice
  • ・Non-destructive evaluation of sugar contain, internal defect and maturity in fruits
  • ・Non-destructive defecttion of fruit fly egg and larva in fruits
  • ・Component evaluation during production of chocolate and butter
  • ・Quality evaluation of coffee and green tea
  • ・Judgement of meat's type etc
  • Please refer to the brochure for measurement examples and results.
  • Application example

    Component Absorption band
    Lipids 1726/2305/2345nm
    Water 1190/1450/1920nm
    Sugar content 2140/2280/2400nm
    Protein 2058/2174nm
    Starch 2100nm
    Ash in grain 2345nm
    Caffein 1690/2240nm
    Green teat quality 1818-1923nm
    Wood cellulose 1400nm
    Wood hemicellulose 1600-1800nm
    Wood Lignin 1700nm


Product Detection
Wavelength rang
Wavelength resolution
(exclude protrusion)
M020-01 Reflection
1350~1650 less than 18nm ±2nm FPI 64×135×130 mm
M020-02 1550~1850 less than 20nm
M020-03 1750~2150 less than 22nm
M020-04 2100~2450 less than 28nm
M022 1100~2500 less than 8nm ±0.5nm FTIR 64×185×130 mm
M020-01 Transmission
1350~1650 less than 18nm ±2nm FPI 95×74×257 mm
M020-02 1550~1850 less than 20nm
M020-03 1750~2150 less than 22nm
M020-04 2100~2450 less than 28nm
M022 1100~2500 less than 8nm ±0.5nm FTIR

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