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FAX. 053-473-2261

FAX. 053-473-2261


Development / Production outsourcing

  • Mechanical design
    Positioning systems, jigs, manipulators.
  • Electronics design
    Digital or analog, PCB design and fabrication.
  • Firmware
    PIC, AVR, ARM microcontrollers.
  • Windows software
    Control, data acquisition.
  • Product design and prototyping

Optical design

  • Design of detectors and light sources
    Optical detector, light souce
    Design of Laser, LED, light souces
    Power supply design electronics design
  • Optical system design
    Weak light ,high speed detection
    Radiation, UV, visible, IR detection technology
    Correction of optical sytem, SN ratio
    Standardization of optics
  • General optical design
    System design and business development of biotechnology.
    Medical, agriculture, industry, environment, analytical fields

Application of optics for business development

  • Optical devices and applied system ,business development
  • Business development at USA and ASIA


OMT Head Office

7F Hamamatsu Act Tower,
111-2 Itaya-cho, Naka-ku,
Hamamatsu city,
430-7707 Japan
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