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And broad support from material development to bio-imaging by providing equipment to measure the various optical properties at our company .
There are various products in a wide range from the gamma -ray to infrared .
In addition , we are also sold systems that utilize our module .
Experiments We support a wide range of system built from equipment . Please feel free to contact us .

System unit

1. Underwater radiation measurement
A radiation measuring instrument of data that has submerged in the water and then measured by the ultrasonic transmission .Depth 300m, is the communication distance 500m wide area of possible multi-channel simultaneous measurement .
2. X-ray inspection
To realize the non-destructive inspection of a high- resolution,
high sensitivity and a short period of time by the use of high-sensitivity two-dimensional image sensor.
You can see the interior of the state easily in the lightweight compact enclosure.

3. Optical laboratory equipment
Focusing on the basic optical lens system , various types of light source / detector selected depending on the purpose and easily to realize an optical measurement . Make a light-shielding environment suitable for experimental equipment are also available .
In addition , we are also consulting on optical experiment . Please feel free to contact us .

4. Real-time polymerase chain reaction
Currently in development(2016 Spring Release)

5. Near-infrared component analyzer
Non-destructive measurement of food or various materials’ component using near infrared light

Luminescent device

1. Optical experiment LED module
It is a multi-wavelength LED module for optical experiments with stable operation at current localization . Light intensity can be six levels varied by changing the current value . 14 types can be selected from the LED (wavelength: 365nm ~ 910nm).

The light-receiving device

1. Gamma probe
Gamma rays (20Kev ~ 3Mev) I measures . Data collection will be performed by connecting the probe to the PC directly. Nuclear medical and industrial to the measurement for other spaces dosimetry It is possible to also be used in pollution testing , such as agricultural and marine industrial products and soil .

2. X-ray camera
We realize the ultra-sensitive imaging to X-ray of energy 15 ~ 200Kev. Resolution is 20lp / mm. It can be expanded to up to 20 -fold by the zoom function . Also , is the in-line inspection is also possible in the imaging speed of 30fps.

3. Ultra-compact spectrometer
This is a compact spectrometer equipped with a light source . You can measure the exact color . It will work with batteries or USB power supply .

4. Optical power meter
Various light sources from the visible to the infrared region , measured in a multi- range and high sensitivity of the illuminance . Various optical experiments , making it ideal for optical power meter of optical application equipment .

5. Near infrared spectroscopy module
Near-infrared ( wavelength 600 ~ 1100nm) is the spectral module of range . Maturity measurement of fruit , fat and oil component analysis of fish, meat , available in water quality inspection .

6. USB photodiode
Light intensity measurement is achieved by direct connection to PC through USB cable. USB cable transfers both photodiode control signal and measurement result data.

7. USB photomultiplier
Module that integrates a photomultiplier tube and a peripheral circuit . You easily weak optical measurement by simply connecting the PC and USB.

8. USB / RS232C photon counter
Module that integrates a photomultiplier tube and a peripheral circuit . You easily weak optical measurement by simply connecting the PC and USB or RS232C.


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