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TEL. 053-473-2261
FAX. 053-473-2261

FAX. 053-473-2261

Outline of the company

Company name
Representative director


Hamamatsu Innovation Cube 203,
3-1-7 Wajiyama,Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-city,
Shizuoka-prefecture 432-8003, Japan->access
TEL. 053-473-2261
FAX. 053-473-2261
JPY 2,600,000
Foundation of the company
February 5 2009

Numbers of employee
5 (January ,2013)

CV and career of representative



Jointed Hamamatsu photonics ,Inc
Received PHD at Hokkaido University,Japan
Create optomechatronix. Inc Hamamatsu city ,Japan

2.Career of representative

2-1 Optical design and optical measurement technology
Faint light measurement
Photon counting technology. Fain light measurement method.
High speed measurement
TCPC technology. High speed detection technology

Invisible light detection
Detection technology of UV, gamma ray, IR light

Optical design
Optical design of devices , system for radiation , gamma ray

2-2 Research and development

Nuclear medicine
Detection technology for gamma camera and PET camera    
Nuclear physics
Detection technology for Super kamiokande, experiment at CERN, KEK.     
Space program
Detection of UV and VUV detection with camera.Space experiment at NESA, ESA
Light Communication systems
R&D for fiber communication system


2-3 Standardization of optical systems

  • Abosolute calibration of detector and light source at VUV,UV,visible,IR.
  • Standardization of detection on medical equipment.
  • Standardization of detector and light sources for optical communication system.

2-4 Development of optical modules and applied systems

Industrial applications
Dust counter,tea sorting machine,Hyjinometer.intensified camera,Xray non destructive camera ,optical communication system.      
Medical diagnostics systems.
PET camera flow sytmeter. MTP reader, blood tester.

Optical measurement systems
Photon counter, power meter, colour meter,TCPC system lasers, spectrometer.


2-5 Careers for management

  • Business activity in abroad in USA, Europe, China.       
  • Business creation, production, R&D activity.

2-6 Careers for engineering

  • Optics; design of optics and devices
  • Electronics; analog electronics
  • Design of driving and readout electronics on light source, detector and optics.
  • Design of optical systems for biotechnology, medical ,radiation detection, agriculture and environmental systems.
  • Literature works for optics.


OMT Head Office

3-1-7 Wajiyama,
Hamamatsu city,
432-8003 Japan
TEL 053-473-2261
FAX 053-473-2261